Roast Beef or Prime Rib in a Smoker

  1. Apply rub to all sides of the roast.  You can use a combination of salt, pepper or other favorite rubs.
  1. Allow meat to stand at room temperature for 3-4 hours.  This step helps the meat cook more evenly and prevents that rare meat in the middle with well done meat on the outside.
  1. Heat the smoker to 250 to 280
  1. Add water soaked mesquite or cherry wood chips to the smoker
  1. If your smoker does not have a wood chip container put water-soaked chips in a foil pan and place above the burner.
  1. Depending on smoker type add a pan of water to help keep the meat stay moist
  1. Turn on the broiler in the oven
  1. Place roast on foil lined pan under broiler (top of meat about 3-4 inches from element).   Brown (sear) meat on all sides.  This step helps initially warm up the meat and lock in the natural juices.
  1. Place roast on rack and cook until internal temperature reaches 140 to 160 depending on how you like your beef cooked.  Note that the internal temperature will continue to increase 5-10 degrees during the resting period.  Actual time will depend on size, temperature and desired doneness.  Be prepared for it to take at least 4 hours.
  1. Tent and rest roast 20 minutes to recirculate juices before serving.
  1. Enjoy!