Docility Score

Report using the following number codes:

  1. Animal is exceptionally calm. Offers no resistance to headgate. Exits slowly, may require assistance. If confined, remains calm. Does not flee your presence. If isolated individually, does not appear anxious/concerned.
  2. Animal is calm. When processed, animal will resist headgate initially but will relax after initial resistance. Animal needs no assistance when exiting. Animal is calm if confined/isolated.
  3. Animal is calm in most situations. Offers some resistance to headgate. Animal is anxious to leave the chute. When confined, animal is not nervous/remains calm. When isolated individually, animal becomes slightly nervous, does not attempt to exit.
  4. Animal is calm in most pasture situations. Will become nervous when approached. Is generally nervous when processing. When entering corrals will be high-headed and unmanageable. When confined may tend to circle the pen. When isolated animal will attempt to exit.
  5. Animal is not calm when approached. Spends considerable time being high-headed. Offers great resistance to headgate/processing. If confined, animal is nervous. Tends to circle. When isolated individually, attempts aggressively to exit. Will attempt to endanger the handler/will “go after you”.