Junior Highland Allegiance Award

The Junior Highland Allegiance Award is presented to an outstanding junior in the American Highland Cattle Association junior membership. This is an annual award and presented yearly at the National Convention.

The sole purpose of the Junior Highland Allegiance Award is to acknowledge AHCA juniors who have gone above and beyond to represent the Highland cattle breed. This award symbolizes their dedication and perseverance in promoting and educating the public about Highland cattle, participation in public venues, research projects and overall participation in the AHCA junior membership.

The creation of this award was not to give another “trophy” to our youth but to encourage others to participate in a way that is constructive and positive to the influence of the Highland breed. Please submit your recommendations to your regional association’s president or any AHCA board member who will forward it to the AHCA National Junior Committee. The recipient will be chosen by the National Junior Committee.

deadline: January 1st
Click here for the Junior Highland Allegiance Nomination Form